Asian-Hawai'ian arts of health and restoration.

Danzan Healing is a collection of Asian and Hawaiian therapies designed to restore body & mind to vibrant health. It is a comprehensive healing modality that is consistent with many modern methods labeled as "breakthrough" healing techniques.


For many people,
Kimo Williams, CMT and Danzan Therapeutics were instrumental in providing substantial relief from:

✓ Low back & sciatic pain ✓ Neck and shoulder pain ✓ Joint stiffness & tendinitis ✓ Systemic body-ache ✓ Performance anxiety ✓ Post-trauma recovery

The methods used to achieve lasting results are often a combination of mind and bodywork techniques. The goal being to restore health and freedom from pain via the least invasive, repercussive and least-costly approach. Danzan Therapeutics utilize deep tissue bodywork, flowing and gentle massage, creative visualizations and integrated body re-education in an effort to resolve pain and emotional trauma. Learn more!

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