Asian-Hawai'ian arts of health and restoration.

Danzan Healing is a collection of Asian and Hawaiian therapies designed to restore body & mind to vibrant health.
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We utilize deep tissue, myo-facial and myo-skeletal, techniques that effectively address soft-tissue problems as well as techniques to resolve neurological disfunction (such as nerve entrapment).

For many people,
Kimo Williams, CMT and Danzan Therapeutics were instrumental in providing substantial relief from:

✓ Low back & sciatic pain ✓ Neck and shoulder pain ✓ Joint stiffness & tendinitis ✓ Systemic body-ache ✓ Performance anxiety ✓ Post-trauma recovery

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The methods used to achieve lasting results are often a combination of corrective exercise and bodywork techniques. The goal being to restore health and freedom from pain via the least invasive, least repercussive and least-costly approach. Danzan Therapeutics draws from corrective bodywork techniques, flowing and gentle massage, creative visualizations and integrated body re-education in an effort to resolve pain and disfunction. Learn more!

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