Body-focused arts of health and resilience.

Hank S.

Kimo exhibits a rare combination of theoretical knowledge and physical skill. He knows the body - how it works, the things that can go wrong with it, and what can be done to fix them. He also has the physical ability to put that knowledge to work. Kimo listens; he treats individuals. One size definitely does not fit all. Highly recommended.

Mike B.

I am a martial arts teacher and at the age of 57 I am still staying active doing yoga, weight training and MMA fitness. Strains and pains happen along the way and when they do, I know who to call - Kimo. If a friend complains of a sore neck or a low back problem I always tell them, "I know the guy to call - Kimo".
Kimo is a very skilled, caring and kind healer who listens to your problems and then goes to work. When I get up from his table, I feel like a different person and I walk away with a smile on my face. Happy