Hawaiian Healing Arts

The Hawaiian healing arts are based in an ancient Hawaiian wisdom known as ho'o ola. Hawaiian healing utilizes several modalities to achieve permanent results:

Physical bodywork and therapeutic touch known as Lomilomi.
Herbal and dietary therapies known as La'au Lapaau.
Relationship mending known as Ho'o ponopono.
Spiritual counseling and intervention known as La'au kahea.

Huna is a Hawaiian word that describes the "secret" wisdom of the ancients. It refers to the teachings and spiritual practices of the Kahuna. These teachings were passed down orally for hundreds of generations to the initiated keepers of the secret. Their techniques were known as ho'o mana (to empower).


Ho'o mana is considered to be some of the most ancient and well-preserved teachings in existence from ancient times. The relative isolation of the Hawaiian Islands contributed to the ability of the Hawaiians to preserve these traditions. It wasn’t until the late 1700s, when Captain Cook came upon the islands, that the Hawaiians had their first experience with Western culture. This marked the beginning of a long decline in the preservation of Hawaiian culture and its ancient traditions.

Hawaiian culture offers a great deal to the understanding of manifestation, the psyche, and what lies beyond the veil of material reality. It also offers a way of living harmoniously in the world. Many of the teachings of ho'o mana appear in other ancient cultures that have had no contact with the Hawaiians, suggesting that these teachings come from a time far more ancient than recorded history.