Asian-Hawai'ian arts of health and restoration.

Kimo Williams Danzan
The massage tradition of Hawaii known for smooth, flowing movements and medium to deep pressure. Lomilomi is healing thru touch and manipulation and is an excellent technique for stress relief and calming the nervous system.

The traditional medical model of Japan characterized by pressure point activation, hot/cold treatment and deep tissue work. Seifukujitsu utilizes many types of Asian herbs and liniments. It is a highly effective system for correcting dysfunction and chronic pain.
Burbank pain relief
Myo-Facial Release
A manual method of resolving loss of motion, muscle pain and nerve entrapment. This work is done via techniques that engage the client’s motor movement during bodywork thus breaking down adhesions in connective tissue. It is highly effective in treatment of fibromyalgia.

Burbank Back pain
A traditional Chinese method of internal movement and body re-education that helps to promote internal awareness and presence, postural alignment, circulatory improvement, and stress relief. This type of work is highly recommended for people with posture-related back and joint pain.

Burbank massage therapy
The Danzan arts are a unique blend of healing disciplines masterfully melded to become an integrated scope of practice. This method was initiated by Professor Henry Seishiro Okazaki in 1920’s Hawaii.

The techniques we use are in some cases centuries old, however the results still speak for themselves.

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